Hainanese Stew Set

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Hainanese Goy See-Tu Bun (Chicken Stew)

A collaboration between two Hainanese families - All Things Hainanese and Eat my Curry Bun.

Goy - Chicken
See-Tu - Stew

This is how we Hainanese call our Chicken Stew. With their poor command of English, 'stew' was often pronounced as 'see-tu'. This creamy chicken stew is a family favourite amongst the ah-nongs (the lil ones), ah-gongs and ah-pos, a good option for those who can't take spice. The Yibua is the most significant kueh for the Hainanese, we eat it for all occasions be it 婚丧喜or庆. It has coconut, ginger, sesame and peanut fillings wrapped in glutinous rice skin. Whether you are Suukee Suukee or a fan of dialect food culture, we welcome you to try this Hainanese fare.

Only available Fridays to Sundays.
*Limited time only

This bundle consists of:
- Hainanese Goy See-Tu Bun (Chicken Stew)
- 6x Mini Yibua (Hainanese Kueh)
- 3x Pineapple Drink