The unspoken Singaporean favourite of curry meets bread made convenient

 When I was younger, I couldn’t take the spice in Grandma’s curry. She yelled at me in Hokkien, “Buey hiao jiak hiam, tio um si Ah Ma eh soon” (“He who cannot handle spice is not my grandchild”). I took it upon myself to conquer spicy food, for fear that she would not sayang me. After all, there were 13 other grandkids for her to dote on.

— Favourite grandkid, Lester


Feel the heat

Chinese curry? Indian curry? It’s just Grandma’s curry. Whatever she feeds us, we feed you. We prepare, measure and cook each CB individually to ensure taste consistency. That’s why we don’t have the convenience of a big pot of curry from which to ladle out extra scoops of gravy. The perfect kentang boils down to the size. One that is buttery and has a nice bite to it - not too big, not too small. This is where we hear the most heated arguments in the house as Mum, Annie, demands that Lester cut the right-sized potato consistently. He argues that even she can’t achieve 100% precision although she demands it from him. Quarrels ensue.


Fit for the lazy

Ok, we’re lazy people. We like our chicken boneless. Kudos to the sell-chicken uncle, auntie and bro who help us with the hard work of deboning. And of course, Mum Annie who spoils us by preparing it perfectly bite-sized 100% OF THE TIME.

We also love our jiam tao lo ti or Gardenia bread with the curry. That’s why we make and proof our own bread from scratch - we want it crusty and fluffy.

Not say you lazy. But if our delivery schedule matches yours, let us deliver our Curry Bun to you.