How to order and FAQs

1. How to order?

Easy! Visit https://eatmycb.sg/pages/order and order directly! If you don’t see your preferred slots and time, likely sold out liao. Dm us on Instagram if you need to clarify.

2. How much is delivery?

Starting February 2022, we are launching $10 islandwide delivery.

We don't deliver to CBD, Sentosa & Tuas area. You can get third party delivery agent to pick up for you.

For peak season, delivery fee $15.

Delivery timing
Lunch: 11am - 1pm
Dinner: 5pm - 7pm

3. Where is self collection at?

Self-collection is where all the cool people are: Punggol.

175C Punggol Field Singapore 823175

Self collection timing
Lunch: 11am - 1pm
Dinner: 5pm - 7pm

4. One CB how many people eat?

One CB eats 2-3 pax. 

5. Is the LJ sour?

Dude. It is nicely balanced with our secret ingredient.

6. Can it be spicier/ less spicy?

I asked the chef (my mum) once, and she said, “Hello, this is not mala. Don’t have 中辣/小辣 hor”. So it’s a no, I guess.

7. How to reheat? / Can I order for lunch but only eat for dinner?

Of course it’s best to eat your CB when it’s freshly delivered! But if you wanna keep the entire bun for later, you will have to reheat the bun and the curry separately - curry over the stove and bun in the oven 60 degree 8-10 mins. Keep the bun in an air-tight container if it’s not in your mouth or stomach.

8. Got discount?

Got! Buy 5 CBs delivered to one location and delivery is free! Buy 10 and the deliveryman is free (subject to his own terms and conditions).

9. Why got plastic in the bun one?

Never use plastic la. We use food grade Cellophane (comes from natural sources like wood, cotton etc), not plastic. It takes up to 290 degree c, way above our cooking temperature.

10. Why need so many layers ah?

The cellophane sheet is to hold the curry, the aluminium foil is to keep the curry warm and the baking paper is to prevent the bun from touching the foil cos we don’t like foil touching our food.

11. Is the artwork customisable and guaranteed?

Short answer - no, artwork not guaranteed. We sell curry buns, we not artists leh. Long answer - ever since we started, we follow and stalk our customers on Instagram to surprise you with a little personal touch, hoping to put a smile on your face. But a handful of customers have been putting very difficult requests and we can't handle the disappointment we have in our inabilities. We hope you will receive our boxes with a touch of surprise instead of a bummer.

12. Can I cancel my order and get a refund? I quarreled with my friend, party is cancelled unless she say sorry first.

Find other friends to eat, can? We can postpone for you for free. If you really need to cancel your order and get a refund, there will be a $5 admin fee. *Same day cancellation/postponement is not allowed.

Let us know if you have any more burning questions!