Serving Singapore’s secret dish, from our home to yours, since Circuit Breaker.

HAHAHAHA. You could call it CCB: Chicken Curry Bun or CB for short. Circuit Breaker is also CB, what? Our friend Jie Ming laughed so hard at his own joke over a Zoom call. At that time, we were really perplexed - we were the ones who had called him up for brand name advice.

We woke up the next day with the ring of the name still in our heads.


Covid-19 saw our entire family having meals and spending time in front of the TV more often. Everyone was already staying home before Circuit Breaker kicked in. While we enjoyed one another’s company, the situation for our family of freelancers seemed worrying.

We were collectively affected by the immediate reduction of income, without the support of a company. And our livelihoods looked very uncertain in the months ahead. Like many Singaporeans, Dad (Mark) and Lester geared up with turtleback thermal bags and joined the numbers of people delivering food, while Charmaine started sending out resumes in search of a full-time job for quick financial relief.

No longer able to conduct cooking classes at home, Mum Annie felt pressured by the many brave aunties who upped their game by taking their cooking classes onto social media.

The whole family pitched in to help mum look pretty and professional on Facebook Live. In one of the episodes, we made four Curry Buns and gave them all away. All four of the recipients came back with more orders each - and then orders started trickling in from beyond our circle of trust.

With lots of luck and the generous support of relatives, friends and early patrons, this kick-started our home-based business, banded our family together and helped us stay afloat during this trying period.

Singapore’s Secret Dish

Or is it Malaysia’s? But let’s not go there. The Curry Bun has been around for decades. But not many tourists who visit have tasted it. Still, this is no surprise because the Curry Bun is typically enjoyed by families in the comfort of their homes - something fitting for the work-from-home culture during Circuit Breaker in Singapore.