Curry Bun Plushie

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You know what I hate about a Curry Bun? It can’t keep warm beyond 4 hours. The bread hardens if you leave it out too long. I can’t bring it to bed with me. It’s too spicy for my kid.

That’s why we have this Eat My Curry Bun Plushie. It keeps me warm, it’s snuggly, cuddly soft and I can hug it to sleep. Best of all, it’s kid-friendly!

Doesn’t matter if you are a doting parent who wants to put a smile of your kid’s face or a genuine CB fan overseas who can’t have the CB IRL or a big gym buff with a soft spot for plush or just trying to send a hint to your partner who is simply clueless.

Measurements and specifications:
Size(cm): 24 x 24 x 17
Material: Soft felt plush with feelings
Model: Jazalea is standing at 83cm
Price: $32

Note that this is a non-edible product. For the real Curry Bun, click here.

Note of the below 4 ways to get your plushie:
1. If you are ordering a CB, we will deliver the plushie together on the same day we deliver the CB.
2. If only ordering a plushie, enter shipping address below and we will deliver the plushie when deliver uncle is around your area.
3. We can deliver to your address on a specific date with a fee (speak with us!)
4. You can self collect at 823175. (speak with us!)